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Stakeholder Management

» Define key components of stakeholder management
» Classify levels of stakeholders
» Recognize methods to influence stakeholders
» Conduct a comprehensive stakeholder needs assessment
» Develop a stakeholder needs assessment document
» Develop a comprehensive stakeholder communication matrix
» Develop an individual stakeholder management plan
» List the principles of stakeholder management
Applied Risk Management

» Define fundamental approaches to project risk management
» Identify project risk characteristics and risk elements that have to be considered
» List categories and sources of risks
» Recognize the difference between known and unknown risks
» Plan for project risk management
» Develop a risk register and risk response plan
» Recognize the significance of assumptions in projects
» Undertake the qualitative and quantitative risk analysis
» Evaluate risk probability and impacts
» Develop an appropriate project risk response
» Undertake monitoring and controlling of project risks
Applied Knowledge Management

» Design roadmap that is suitable for knowledge management
» Align KM initiatives with existing business strategy
» Develop suitable KM strategies to suit existing requirements
» Map knowledge flows that exist within the organization
» Identify key competencies needed for the KM Team
» Justify investments needed to deploy knowledge management
Project Risk Management

» Recognize the types of risks pertaining to managing projects
» List the impacts to project schedules, cost and quality as a result of risks faced
» Identify risk categories for infrastructure and asset management based projects
» Assess risks faced in managing infrastructure and asset management based projects
» Plan for risk management in projects
» Develop a risk register and risk response plan
» Evaluate risk probability and impacts
» Strategize actions to be taken to address risks identified
» Monitor risk response planned to ensure they are undertaken as planned
Critical Thinking and Analytical Skills

» Define the term critical thinking
» Describe the link between critical thinking and achieving peak performance
» List key elements in the critical thinking cycle
» Describe keys to critical thinking
» Define analytical skills
» Delegate effectively
» Apply problem-solving techniques
» Use analytical tools: Interrelationship diagrams, Delegation, Prioritization
Project Management Planning

»  Define the term project management planning
»  Categorize different types of project plans
»  Identify requirements of stakeholders for the project
»  Document project and product scope
»  Define scope baseline
»  Identify resource requirements
»  Develop a project work schedule
»  Develop a plan for effective procurement
»  Develop a quality management plan
»  Develop a communications management plan
Problem Solving & Decision Making

» Analyze situations effectively to detect the occurrence of problems
» Prioritize problems for resolution to ensure optimal use of resources
» Define problems clearly so that they may be resolved
» Recognize the implication of problems on other related issues
» Solve problems using the tools provided
» Make decisions to select the best approach to problem-solving
» Identify key resources needed to solve problems
» Engage in effective “people based”problem-solving
Negotiation Skills

» Develop a framework for discussing important issues that relate to negotiation in diagrammatic forms
» Undertake a systematic preparation for conducting a negotiating
» Distinguish between interest, issues, and positions in negotiations
» Recognize the difference between constructive and destructive debate
» Apply principles of influence in a negotiation situation
» Develop and make effective proposals and bargain statements
» Recognize and use appropriate negotiating styles in any negotiation situation
Influencing Skills for Sales and Marketing

» Define the term influencing
» Describe the link between critical thinking and influencing others effectively
» List key elements in the development of a marketing and sales strategy
» Analyze importance of people associated with a marketing and sales initiative skills
» Apply influencing techniques when undertaking marketing and sales efforts
» Use analytical tools: Sail Boat, Pentagon chart, Prioritization chart, Todo, doing, done chart
Developing a High Performance Culture

» Define the term key characteristics of a High Performance Culture
» Describe the link between high performance culture and improved bottom line performance
» List key elements in the development of a high performance culture
» Analyze findings of a culture survey
» Apply techniques when reviewing culture findings to improve overall culture
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