The course “Board Perspective of Enterprise Risk Management” aims to provide the participants with a deeper understanding of the best practices of Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) from a board perspective.

 The course outline has been developed for risk management sub committee members (operation, project and commercialization) to meet the specific needs outlined by Mimos as indicated below.






How sub committees can manage risk in a broader sense 

Adopting a Board Perspective of Enterprise Risk Management 


Best way to assess risk at Enterprise Level

Using a Prioritized Risk Heat Map for the Enterprise


Best way to document risk in a strategic and holistic manner

Developing an integrated system of risk reports


Best way for sub committees to collaborate / communicate effectively

Ensuring coherence and calibration across business units


Best way for sub committees to think strategically and be alert to changes

Link overall Risk Appetite with Risk Strategy with Risk Ownership


How to undertake early intervention of identified strategic risks

Undertake scenario planning exercise


The concerns raised revolved around difficulties associated with integrating risk maps developed sporadically by different business units into a holistic integrated manner to enable risk related decisions to be made at the Enterprise Level.


This problem may be addressed by identifying and integrating key dimensions associated with Enterprise Risk Management. These dimensions include:


  1. Risk Transparency and Insight
  2. Risk Appetite and Strategy
  3. Risk related business process and decisions
  4. Risk organization and governance
  5. Risk culture

Enterprise Risk Management


Terminal Objective for Project Risk Management


The terminal objective of this program is that the participants will be able to independently identify, analyze and integrate Enterprise Risk Management issues from a board perspective. Essentially they will be able to integrate risk management processes being undertaken in different divisions and units to form an integrated whole from whence board level decisions made be taken at an Enterprise Level.


At the end of the program the participants will be able to


  1. Recognize different dimensions of risk associated with ERM
  2. Identify different elements that have to be analyzed for risk transparency
  3. Assess continued relevance of risks appetites and risk strategy
  4. Conduct business scenario planning based on existing scenarios
  5. Establish risk related business process and decisions  
  6. Strategize actions to be taken for risks organization and governance issues
  7. Develop a clear understanding of the organizations risk culture
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