Applied Knowledge Management


A basic understanding of knowledge management is necessary in order to grasp the intricacies associated with the concept. This will provide an avenue and a common platform for discussion on matters relating to knowledge management.

Once this has been established, it would be necessary to then map an existing knowledge base and in the process establish the knowledge flows that are critical to the survival of the organization.

This 2 day Applied Knowledge Management course is designed to increase awareness of key issues relating to the application of knowledge management in practice and to train managers and executives on how to set up a knowledge management framework and undertake initiatives needed to bring the results of such a framework to fruition.

It covers key issues such as the roadmap for knowledge management, the components of the Knowledge Management Platform, aligning knowledge management to business strategy, codification and personalization strategies as well as knowledge mapping processes.

Course Objectives

  • Design roadmap that is suitable for knowledge management
  • Align KM initiatives with existing business strategy
  • Develop suitable KM strategies to suit existing requirements
  • Map knowledge flows that exits within the organization
  • Identify key competencies needed for the Knowledge Management Team
  • Provide justification for investment needed to deploy knowledge management

Audience Profile

This program will be very useful for Chief Knowledge Management Officers, knowledge managers,IT Professionals, line managers, senior managers and those who are interested in understanding the basics of knowledge management.

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