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A knowledge audit is a systematic examination and evaluation of organizational knowledge health, which examines organization’s knowledge needs, existing knowledge assets/resources, knowledge flows, future knowledge needs, knowledge gap analysis as well as the behavior of people in sharing and creating knowledge. In one way, a knowledge audit can reveal an organization’s knowledge strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats and risks. A knowledge audit should also include an examination of organization’s strategy, leadership, collaborative, learning culture, technology infrastructure in its various knowledge processes.

In order to transform an organization into a learning organization and ensure an effective knowledge management strategy, a knowledge audit should be conducted, which will provide a current state of knowledge capability of the organization and a direction of where and how to improve that capability in order to be competitive in this fast changing knowledge era. 

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Knowledge Needs Analysis (K-Needs Analysis)

The major goal of this task is to identify precisely what knowledge the organization, its people and team possess currently and what knowledge they would require in the future in order to meet their objectives and goals.

Knowledge need analysis can help any organization to develop its future strategy.

Knowledge Inventory Analysis (K-Inventory Analysis)
Knowledge Flows Analysis (K-Flows Analysis)
Knowledge Mapping (K-Mapping)

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